Traveling to Jordan, Sea Level, Mousa’s Well

Today we said goodbye to Palestine-Israel and travelled through the Allenby Gate – King Hussein Gate into Jordan on our way to Petra. After wending our way on the Palestinian road to the highway, we were going down the road to Jericho and the Gate. We decided to stop at the Sea Level for a picture, and who do you think had to ride a camel? Karen. She thinks they are cute! And she’s been talking about riding a camel for some time, so we encouraged her to take the chance to ride a bit.

We got through the border in record time, met our new guide, and then waited around for a while our passports were being processed in Jordan. This gave us a chance to stretch our legs and visit the ATM, and grab some coffee. We rode in the bus for a few hours before enjoying a late lunch on the road, and then made our way to the King’s Way Hotel, near Petra.

The Hotel is across the street from Mousa’s Well. This is one of the sites attributed to Moses striking the rock twice to provide water for the children of Israel while here in the historic land of the Ammonites. We found some hospitable shop owners, and a chance to grab our breath before an early morning to Petra tomorrow.







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