The Keep Hope Alive team from California, Kentucky, and Iowa spent 20 days in the Holy Land. They toured the Galilee, meeting with Christian and Jewish peacemakers. They also got a sense of life for Palestinian citizens of Israel displaced out of their ancestral villages in 1948. Many residents of Nazareth are internally displaced persons who have family in refugee camps in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. The team then went to Beit Sahour and met up with 85 other Internationals there to help the YMCA/YWCA KHA Olive Harvest. Their work was instrumental in helping the farmers whose land is between the internationally recognized Green Line and the Separation Wall, who are most at risk of losing their land due to encroaching Settlements and Israeli only roads. Many of their families continue to live in Beit Jala or Bethlehem and cannot leave the city without a permit to go to their family farms to help with the OIive Harvest. The team visited with area NGO’s who document the Occupation and with a Muslim peacemaker in East Jerusalem. The group then went to Jordan to see Moses’ Well, Petra, and a day of rest in Aqaba before flying home. Their travels are documented, along with pictures,


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